John Dunlevy

Berwyn, Illinois

About me

I work as the Director of Digital at the Chicago Reader. Recent projects easily seen by the public there include launch of a new site (August 2021, and still a work in progress), Best of Chicago 2021 voting (late 2021 to February 2022) and organization of and navigation within the Best of Chicago 2021 results and issue online (published early March 2022)—and, similarly, navigation within the 2022 Spring and Summer Theater & Arts Previews, The Food Issue (2022), and spruced up index pages for the Food & Drink section, the Monday Night Foodball series, and the newly revived daily things-to-do “Agenda”. Ongoing work includes keeping online issues indexed and issue PDFs wrangled, print copies findable online, and the web and email presentations of Early Warnings music listings current. A long time ago, I built the Reader Restaurant Finder—this link to an unfortunately not very functional 2007 snapshot from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

I am married to Martha Chiplis. We live in a Chicago bungalow in near-suburban Berwyn with our two cats, Messrs. Kristoff Sullivan and Tober Piet.

There is a lot going on! In a dystopian echo of the Chamberlain curse, we are truly living in most interesting times. To get through it, here are some things to remember: Get vaccinated and boosted and wear a mask in public tight spaces or in crowds (especially indoors), Stand with Ukraine, and act so everyone can see that Black lives matter.