John Dunlevy

Berwyn, Illinois USA

About me


I live in a Chicago bungalow together with my wife, Martha Chiplis, and our two cats, Messrs. Tober Piet and Gaston Ruffalo Longchamps, in the suburban Cook County city of Berwyn, Illinois, near Chicago.

When not out in the yard, taking pictures, cooking vegetarian food, brewing beer, or cheering on the Chicago Fire and Red Stars soccer teams, I build, migrate, and optimize websites. Recently, I have been doing digital product consulting work. Independent media—especially local media—and the free and fair distribution of accurate information, the truth, and art are particular passions of mine. I spent half my life working at the intersection of media and technology for the Chicago Reader, ultimately as the company’s Director of Digital. I have also worked in commercial and nonprofit community radio, including as an operator, presenter, and DJ, and as a producer and sound engineer for live music and other programming. I ran an record label for a while, releasing new original material by four Chicago bands on compact disc and seven-inch vinyl, as well as in digital formats and to streaming platforms.

I have long been interested in elections and election operations, and I have just come off a stint training election judges, including polling place technicians, for the 2024 Illinois presidential primary election.

I am an active member of the Berwyn Tree Canopy Initiative which is working to get more trees planted around town—and the existing urban forest better taken care of. In particular, I manage the group’s Facebook presence.

I am on the hunt for a new full-time job as well as opportunities to contribute to interesting projects, including doing web development, marketing, SEO, social media, or email newsletter consulting or other work. Any leads or advice is appreciated. Contact me!

See my LinkedIn profile and résumé (PDF).

(My Muckrack Portfolio may also be of interest.)