Twitter removed from links on homepage

I’ve finally completely removed the link to my Twitter account from the list of my social media & platform links on the homepage. I had already marked it nofollow some time ago. I’ve still been going on the former-Twitter occasionally, probably a bit less often than once a week, and every time I have it’s seemed like I’ve had at least one scam account of some sort to report and block, and the level of disinformation and vitriol on there right now in the context of the Gaza-Israel violence is pretty exhausting. There are still a lot of great commentators on there, and I’m hoping to find at least some of them elsewhere. I did a couple of retweets yesterday when I was checking in. I also still haven’t found any of the platforms superseding Twitter to be anywhere near as good at real-time conversation of soccer games or keeping up with what’s going on in soccer supporter communities.

I do have my Twitter archives, and I had originally been planning to get those live on this site before remove the link to the account. I do still home to get the archive online, but no longer so any reason to wait on removing the Twitter link. For now at least, I am leaving the Twitter Cards metadata in place where it has been on most of the pages on this site.