J.R. Nelson and Leor Galil in yesterday’s “Gossip Wolf” column:

In April, the student-run Program Coordinating Council, which allocates student government money every year, gave WHPK $20,600 for its next annual budget—about 35 percent of its $57,490 request. … This year the council covered only operating costs, so WHPK needs help—it wants the university to continue to pay for the upkeep of its equipment, the way it maintains other school facilities.

The opportunity to take action:

anyone interested in supporting WHPK can add their name to the public letter of appeal or directly contact the Center for Leadership and Involvement.

Block Club Chicago has a story about the situation as well: “WHPK, University Of Chicago Radio Station With Deep Ties To The South Side, In Trouble After Funding Slashed” by Noah Glasgow.