Selected posts to The Bleader blog, 2012-2016

that include “Did you read” items contributed by John Dunlevy

The “Did you read” links below all open current pages—the original post text but with new URLs and on new article templates with diminished blog branding as of August 2021. See the snapshots of the old mobile site in the Wayback Machine at for a sense of what these posts originally looked like at the time of publication. While these Reader posts persist, note that due to link rot over time, some—probably many!—individual items linked from these posts may no longer be available. See my June 2023 blog post for more background on “Did You Read __________?” in the Reader’s The Bleader blog and about this page.

Did you read about Spiteful Brewing, Dlow, and Chipotle?

Also about quality journalism, Matthew Aucoin, and Kim Foxx?   January 15, 2016

Did you read about the Trump Tower, Wale, and Suburban Jungle?

Also about Blowfly, Neal Pollack, and Octarine?   January 13, 2016

Did you read about a 441-pound bluefin tuna, a $100 doughnut, and Coachella?

Also about the Moon Ark, George Costanza, and Hélène Rey?   January 5, 2016

Did you read about Rahm, Tasers, and DJ Timbuck2 Day?

Also brain surgery, state laws, and the North Pole?   December 31, 2015

Did you read about Gloria Steinem, Netflix, and Howard Stern?

Also about DJ Khaled, Anita Alvarez, and your microbiome?   December 15, 2015

Did you read about Lollapalooza, Malcolm Gladwell, and falafel?

Also about snugglers, the CPD, and Justice Scalia's Majoritarian Theocracy?   December 3, 2015

Did you read about Garry McCarthy, Kobe Bryant, and Bruce Rauner?

Also about Hamlet,Killer Pinata, and Kern County?   December 1, 2015

Did you read about the University of Chicago, CPD body cams, and Cards Against Humanity?

Also about Black Friday, Bruce Rauner, and the English language?   November 30, 2015

Did you read about Pitchfork, Playboy, and Anheuser-Busch InBev?

Also Boeing, Twitter, Old Providence, the Village Voice, and the first providers of legal abortions?   October 13, 2015

Did you read about property taxes, Barbie dolls, and Soho House?

Also Volkswagen, the Met, CD sales, newspapers, a cinematic collaboration between Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett, and Jane Austen?   September 22, 2015

Did you read about Sesame Street, Cuba, and the world's oldest cat?

Also Anish Kapoor, Compton, the Maurice Lenell pinwheel cookie, Helen Rosner, and Martin Scorsese's adaptation of Devil in the White City?   August 14, 2015

Did you read about David Foster Wallace, LGBT Catholics, and the wealth gap?

Also Bernie Sanders, Camille Paglia, Professor Irwin Corey, the Red Eye, and baseball fans?   July 29, 2015

Did you read about El Chapo, Atticus Finch, and the mafia?

Also Tama-Chan, stingray deaths at Brookfield, a Midwest drug operation, bachelors and spinsters, Steve Huntley, and an acting coach for porn stars?   July 13, 2015

Did you read about Jared Fogle, Reddit, and rooftop farming?

Also the World Cup, the Republican Party, a New Jersey guy being sued by his township government, guerilla rainstorm, the Canadian Up enthusiast, a Florida Man™, and an unruly theatergoer?   July 7, 2015

Did you read about Oregon, Hillary Clinton, and the Bloomingdale Trail?

Also the Glasgow University Metaphor Map, an eventful Father's Day, Christian stand-up, the 1970 Blackhawks, Dukes of Hazzard, video game sales in China, and "weird news"?   July 1, 2015

Did you read about Riot Fest, Jeb Bush, and Corey Crawford?

Also Osama bin Laden's personal library, bottled water, the Cannes dress code, "basic-income," British BuzzFeed, raining spiders, Spotify, and Mad Max?   May 20, 2015

Did you read about the Chicago Police Department, the middle class, and Mike Huckabee?

Also Mary Norris, Kholood Eid, the killing of Osama bin Laden, and Prince's new song?   May 11, 2015

Did you read about Jeb Bush, the NFL Draft, and Zayn Malik?

Also a two-way mirror, data's meaning, police body cams, Hot Doug's, the Hypocrites, WLUW, and serializing novels?   April 27, 2015

Did you read about Fuller House, the Lilly Pulitzer fiasco, and Dante Servin?

Also T.H. Tsien, Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer, Oliver Sacks on Spalding Gray, credit-card metadata, loneliness, Rob Kuznia, the original music pirate, Hozier, and renovations at Dome of the Rock?   April 21, 2015

Did you read about Hillary Clinton, Nestle, and Günter Grass?

Also Garry Trudeau, Yahoo, women in the newsroom, pre-Photoshop trickery, CEOs, police shootings, and something called "Tampon Run"?   April 13, 2015

Did you read about bicycle licensing, road rage, and Ted Cruz?

Also criminal justice, poverty, dying languages, books, binge eating, 18F on Twitter, and elves?   March 25, 2015

Did you read about Bruce Rauner, cheap wine, and H. Jon Benjamin?

Also the middle class, minor-league baseball players, 19th-century American same-sex marriage, Herman Melville's made-up memoir, anti-Kant graffiti, Arnold Palmer's grandson, and a cat cafe?   March 20, 2015

Did you read about Ceres, music for felines, and Brandon Marshall?

Also John McPhee, the "gravitational lens," why blacks hesitate to call 911, Tinder and odd jobs, the oil train derailment in Galena, undocumented immigrants, and the van-dwelling MLB prospect?   March 6, 2015

Did you read about death, drones, and Saturday Night Live?

Also for-profit alternative schools, Oliver Sacks, Gary Shteyngart, the New York Times Magazine, JNCOs, igloos in Lemont, Fifty Shades of Grey, snowmegeddon, headlines, and a Sami man castrating a reindeer with his teeth?   February 19, 2015

Did you read about dibs, Adnan Syed, and psychedelic drugs?

Also municipal elections, same-sex marriage, Crain's, the 1915 Eastland disaster, friends, interior decorators, and a literary salon?   February 9, 2015

Did you read about binge-watching television, snacks, and Saved by the Bell?

Also segregation, Chris Christie, Nicaragua, Kodak, and Kim Gordon?   February 5, 2015

Did you read about Facebook's Year in Review, the Bears, and Urge Overkill?

Also Hollywood, iPads, the president of Argentina's werewolf suspicions, and medieval copyists?   December 29, 2014

Did you read about the CIA torture report, ketamine, and Jon Lester?

Also Judy Baar Topinka, Amara Enyia, declining neighborhood high schools, a transcontinental freight train, Shimer College, the New Republic, Lolita Sonny Tumbelaka's photographic storytelling, Derrick Rose, Boogie Nights, and the Williams-Sonoma Catalog   December 10, 2014

Did you read about the CIA, Mark Wahlberg, and Seth Rogen?

Also racial bias, Ebola, communes, and ladypeople during the holidays?   December 9, 2014

Did you read about replacement organs, Mike Nichols, and People's Sexiest Man Alive?

Also the "escalating political crisis" in Mexico, sleeping in space, and angry Minnesotans?   November 20, 2014

Did you read about Bill Cosby, Olive Garden, and Bob Dylan?

Also a racial slur, the world's largest coal mine, an Indian government sterilization program, number-two religions, the New Yorker, and Too Many Cooks?   November 11, 2014

Did you read about Blackwater, Bruce Rauner, and Chicago rents?

Also south Sudan, grassroots union organizers in Israel, and Facebook politics?   October 23, 2014

Did you read about Jerry Angelo, Patrick Modiano, and Jan Hooks?

Also Mikheil Saakashvili, Oklahoma's death chamber, the "True American Diner," and a Barcelona comedy club?   October 10, 2014

Did you read about access, artists, and arabbers?

Also female elected officials, Ferguson, and Gaza?   October 8, 2014

Did you read about White House security lapses, Sheldon Patinkin, and Bugsy Siegel?

Also Hong Kong, Kalief Browder, David Simon, the oldest bars in America, and the New Yorker's animated cover?   September 30, 2014

Did you read about ComEd, Konstantin Petrov, and Ann Dowd?

Also an African catlike creature, corporate tax rates, "The Falling Man," single Americans, Chuck Hagel, and Donna Ferrato's photos.   September 11, 2014

Did you read about income inequality, John Kerry, and Ukraine?

Also pre-pre-K, a Comcast-Time Warner merger, fire hydrants, Enrique Gomez de Molina, and Hello Kitty?   September 3, 2014

Did you read about Varg Vikernes, Dov Charney, and Juggalos?

Also Freedom Summer, the uncertain fate of Iraq's latest archaeological discoveries, President Obama in Denver, Proust, the George Lucas Museum, and Brazilians in the wake of their World Cup loss?   July 9, 2014

Did you read about the Washington Redskins, Chicago Blackhawks, and soccer?

Also the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham, paying not to shoot, mental hospitals in music videos, and local female theater folk?   June 18, 2014

Did you read about Google Street View, Van Gogh's ear, and Oderus Ungerus?

Also a despicable op-ed piece, Rahm's "bright" idea, norovirus, bars and grocery stores, affinage, and Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones?   June 4, 2014

Did you read about Sun Ra, Future, and Aziz Ansari?

Also reparations, Hispanics, busyness, advertisement, criticism, and case studies?   May 22, 2014

Did you read about bitcoin, Mick Jagger, and pig's blood?

Also the Sterlings, a self-kidnapping, Marxist Buzzfeed, David Mamet, and the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships?   May 20, 2014

Did you read about Hunter S. Thompson, story commenting, and Nicolas Cage?

Also the private sector, Auschwitz, A Raisin in the Sun, two 1930s blueswomen, and Coachella?   April 14, 2014

Did you read about Manischewitz, Malort, and millionaires?

Also a mass stabbing, congressional districts with income disparity, the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, invertebrates, the Oregonian, Mongolian eagle hunting, the first openly gay college basketball player, Dirk Nowitzki, Theaster Gates, medieval copyedits, Dial-a-Poem, Poem a Day, stiletto heels, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World stars?   April 9, 2014

Did you read about Walmart, Mozilla, and Medellin?

Also Afghanistan, an NEA report, Nik Wallenda, Chaz Ebert, and Lithuanian discos?   April 4, 2014

Did you read about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the bubonic plague, and kosher bacon-flavored crackers?

Also 911 response times, Silicon Valley, Ukraine, Meg Wolitzer, and baseball fandom?   March 31, 2014

Did you read about World Theatre Day, the history of the self-portrait, and BP?

Also serious novels as children's books, a UNC student athlete scandal, the only person to remove her name from the government's no-fly list, Billboard, Sochi strays, WWI, and heraldry in Canada?   March 28, 2014

Did you read about the Lake Michigan oil spill, Kim Jong-un, and Mariano's?

Also prison sentences, pregnancy tests, John Updike, and Danish brewers?   March 26, 2014

Did you read about the World Cup, Back to the Future, and Gwar?

Also bisexuality, Thomas Piketty, Swedish pop, and the Nae Nae?   March 24, 2014

Did you read about Phantom of the Opera, kimchi, and Kate Bush?

Also the apocalypse, kids, Fred Phelps, Turkey, and the Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks?   March 21, 2014

Did you read about Saint Patrick's Day, Germany, and BuzzFeed?

Also Alexey A. Navalny, the Illinois Election Code, and a new West Loop hotel co-owned by Robert De Niro?   March 20, 2014

Did you read about Wall Street, Pussy Riot, and Lil Herb?

Also violence and crime, Mel Reynolds, stoned driving, divorce, and itchiness?   February 18, 2014

Did you read about Netflix, Greg Fox, and "Alone Yet Not Alone"?

Also the climatologist who's suing climate-change deniers, the California teacher and his dead snake collection, and big data marketing.   January 30, 2014

Did you read about Bruce Rauner, Detroit, and Beats Music?

Also marijuana business, the war over poverty, the Great Green Wall, Mikhail Kalashnikov, a man without a bath, the crogel, Chicago's popular dog breeds, and a replica of a famous Springfield house?   January 13, 2014

Did you read about cat psychology, Armond White, and Bob Dylan?

Also African-American males, Fukushima, the NSA, the New York Review of Books, Chicago's "dibs" chairs, expensive furniture, and the Cubs?   January 8, 2014

Did you read about the bubonic plague, Larry Lujack, and a snow woman's vagina?

Also commuter benefits, Obama's commutation, gangs, a secret FBI interrogation manual, Seattle, teaching jobs, pulchrinomics, Harvard, falling ceilings in London, and Thee Oh Sees?   December 20, 2013

Did you read about Ukraine, Tennessee Williams, and Beyonce?

Also a CIA agent, Internet traffic, ashy vinyl, Gary Shteyngart, @Tweetsofgrass, Ariel Rechtshaid, and a bat mitzvah T-shirt?   December 13, 2013

Did you read about Nelson Mandela, Christmas Tinner, and "Blurred Lines"?

Also the Black Panther Party, Juan Rangel, grad student unions, snark versus smarm, Bad Sex in Fiction, Dave Van Ronk, and John Fahey?   December 6, 2013

Did you read about Krist Novoselic, Emily Dickinson's dress, and farts?

Also the Internet, the NSA, Chicago cyclists, Matamoros, the Community Mental Health Act, a Native American village, SpinMedia, porn, Democrats and Republicans, dogs, dead-cat helicopters, and a napping baby?   October 24, 2013

Did you read about U.S. drone attacks, online dating, and Metallica?

Also rape on Vine, Experian, Uruguay, homeless people on State Street, the DSM-5, Victor Giron, a fake bomb threat, and Twitter's defunct music app?   October 22, 2013

Did you read about Krokodil, the Northwest Passage, and the IOC?

Also the inmates at Tamms prison, climate change and the insurance industry, Neal Pollack, and Sir Stuffington?   September 26, 2013

Did you read about cobras, black widow spiders, and Jackie Lomax?

Also corrupt Republican legislators, third-trimester abortions, atomic bombs, the Bloomingdale Trail, diets, and last meals?   September 23, 2013

Did you read about Syria, ComEd, and Walmart workers on strike?

Also Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812, a Cold War-era home that's back on the market, and the New York Timess "20 Directors to Watch"   September 5, 2013

Did you read about Brazil, Jimmy Hoffa, and Chief Keef?

Also surveillance, the DSM-5, caffeine, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and scale armor for guinea pigs?   June 18, 2013

Did you read about Robert Fogel, Tim Duncan, and Kanye West?

Also property tax boosts, abortions, designated drivers, a bike share service, and Jamil Khoury?   June 12, 2013

Did you read about dictionaries, the Boston Phoenix, and four-winged birds?

Also "gang-related," Persepolis, and Hit the Wall?   March 15, 2013

Did you read about the war on drugs, watering down Budweiser, and Dennis Rodman in North Korea?

Also God sleeping at the wheel, the reporting behind the Manti Te'o hoax, and angry parents?   February 27, 2013

Did you read about the airline industry, the shootout in Wicker Park, and the crap on a fake Guy Fieri menu?

Also Chinese cyber espionage, Joe Biden, a defense of the U.S. Postal Service, a football stadium named after a prison corporation, and Jafar Panahi?   February 20, 2013

Did you read about Joaquin Phoenix, the gun lobby, and the Blackhawks?

Also the "feminist objection to women in combat," irritating and unfunny nondrinkers, and birds on a wire?   January 25, 2013

Did you read about marijuana busts, Chief Keef being busted, and dudes intimidated by female rap fans?

Also air pollution, the Second amendment, and a shooting outside of the Sun-Times building?   January 16, 2013

Did you read about two spaces after a period, $33 million to close lawsuits, and 18 human heads at O'Hare?

Also the Kichwa, "wearable computers," and disabling Java?   January 15, 2013

Did you read about the NRA, Exodus International outtake reels, and Lindsay Lohan?

Also Rachel Aviv, the Mirage Tavern rerun, Richard Ben Cramer, and foosball?   January 10, 2013

Did you read about "Governor" Daley, Richard Marx, and Brent Musberger's jaw drop?

Also higher temperatures, Qualcomm's disastrous speech, and Chicago's scrap-metal collectors?   January 9, 2013

Did you read that the world's still here, we're still debating gun control, and Mick Dumke didn't know who Eddie Haskell is?

Also one of the MCC escapees was caught, the best books (and book covers) of the year, and escort-biz sidelines?   December 21, 2012

Did you read about Second Amendment rights, autocorrect mistakes, and the poop-sock incident?

Also Kuma's Corner's second location, the Broadway World Chicago awards, and the Ali Soufan interview?   December 20, 2012