Books I have contributed photographs to

Vertical vintage 'Music Box' sign
This photograph of the Music Box Theatre sign appears on page 93 of Kathleen Maguire’s 2014 Cool Chicago book.
Smolan, Rick, and David Elliot Cohen, eds. Illinois 24/7: 24 Hours, 7 Days, Extraordinary Images of One Week in Illinois. London: DK Publishing, 2004.
Heskett, John. Design: En Introduktion. Stockholm: Raster Förlag, 2006.
Maguire, Kathleen. Cool Chicago: An Inspirational Guide to What’s Best in the City. London: Pavilion Books, 2014.
Saunders, Cathie Ruggie, and Martha Chiplis. For the Love of Letterpress: A Printing Handbook for Instructors and Students. London: A & C Black Visual Arts, 2013.
Saunders, Cathie Ruggie, and Martha Chiplis. For the Love of Letterpress: A Printing Handbook for Instructors and Students. 2nd ed. London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2019.
Horizontal image showing hand holding composing stick with lines of type
“Holding the composing stick,” photograph from page 41 of the second edition (2019) of For the Love of Letterpress.

Phonograph records & compact discs

Toulouse. The Way the City Stretches. Won’t Go Flat Records, 1996, LP album. Photograph on back cover.
Grimble Grumble. Grimble Grumble. Won‘t Go Flat Records G$007, 1997, LP and compact disc album. Two-photograph panoramic collage on track listing side of inner record sleeve and on folded CD sleeve.
Grimble Grumble. Grimble Grumble. The Bouncing Corporation head 14, 2000, compact disc compilation. Photographs on inside CD sleeve and on the CD itself.
Grumble Grumble. Sad. Jellyfant JAYF01CD, 2002, compact disc EP. Photograph on the CD itself.
Grimble Grumble: both sides of folder inner CD sleeve, vertical line at fold, showing the band on stage, guitar player, drummer, bass player, guitar player, projection behind them
Grimble Grumble Won’t Go Flat Records foldover CD sleeve, 1997: photocollage of a show at Lounge Ax, Chicago, possibly in June 1997

Chicago Reader print & online

Over the years I contributed a number of other photographs to the Reader, mostly online-only, including:

'Stop Putin' blue and white sign and Ukraine flags, other signs, and crowd at a demonstation outside a church
Chicago comes together to support Ukraine
By Jamie Ludwig
A selection of logo hats: Chicago Red Stars, Bulletproof Monk, Chicago Fire, Fyne Ales, Chicago Blackhawks, HMS Ark Royale, Chicago White Sox, Reader Restaurant Raters, etc.
The Reader’s stay-at-home chronicles: day 67 (2020)
Brown tabby cat (Ella) looking over her left shoulder while in front of an older Mac laptop with a screen showing a blog post including a picture of an orange and white tabby (Tino)
The Reader’s stay-at-home chronicles: day 53 (2020)
Orange and white tabby cat (Tino) seated on a window sill looking out—as seen from outside
The Reader’s stay-at-home chronicles: day 39 (2020)
Chicago Reader print issue cover of Thursday, December 27 [2007, year not shown on cover] Volume 37, Number 14, showing photograph of submerged dumpster. Text on cover: 1,000 Words: The Reader's year-end photo issue, page 12; Plus: New restaurants, new books for venerable local authors, old soul from Chicago's black arts movement, and more
I had the cover of the December 27, 2007 print issue (Vol. 37, No. 14), the Reader’s first year-end photo issue. An uncropped horizontal version of the same image also appeared on page 13 in print and was also the fourth photograph in an online gallery of 31 photographs for the issue.

Selected online publications

Preservation Chicago

View of the Orange Garden sign, cropped so the readable part is 'Range Gar, Hop Su, Chow Mein'
Month-in-Review Newsletter, May 2022: “PARTIAL WIN: Preservation Chicago's Viral Tweet Leads to Good Outcome for Vintage Orange Garden Neon Sign”

Belt Magazine

Stickers including for 'the future of rock and roll'
Remembering WOXY and the Modern Rock 500
By Robin James


Storms clouds and lightning over a park
Tampering with the Weather Service Hurts Everybody
By Jocelyn Geboy
(Links are to a copy at because the image is missing from the current version of the page.)

Gapers Block

black and white photograph of an intersection from above in winter, showing tracks left by cars in the snow
Rearview, January 26, 2009. A circa 6″ × 9 ½″ print of this photograph was also included in the Intersections group show.
Crowd, some with flags, in the Harlem End (Sections 117 and 118), Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois for Chicago Fire versus Celtic FC
Rearview, July 26, 2007
Chicago Tribune, Red Eye, and Chicago Sun-Times newsboxes on the corner of West Irving Park Road and North Leavitt Avenue in Chicago
Rearview, June 17, 2005

YES! Media

Fans hold sign at a Chicago Red Stars game referencing lawsuit for equal pay: 'USA Equal Play for Equal Pay'
“Equal Play, Equal Pay”: Female Athletes Play for Respect in Rio
By Liza Bayless

Exhibitions & collections

Druecke, Paul. A Public Space: Daley Plaza. Chicago: CTA Public Pedway, 2006
With Martha Chiplis, jointly photographed and contributed one the twenty-four Daley Plaza images installed together to create a composite portrait of the iconic public plaza.
Intersections (curated by David Shalliol, Editor at Large, Gapers Block). Chicago: Calumet Photographic, 2009
University of Chicago Library, Special Collections Research Center
The Photographic Archive digital collection includes 84 of my photographs scanned from prints in the Archival Photographic Files collection, Series VII: Chicago Maroon.
black and white photograph of the University of Chicago seal embedded in the Reynolds Club floor, indistinct, out-of-focus figures in background
“Tradition holds that students who walk on the University of Chicago seal embedded in the Reynolds Club floor will not graduate.” Image identifier apf7-02504 in the University of Chicago Photographic Archive

Social media