Profile pictures

Personal social media profile images

Medium-close headshot photograph of John Dunlevy wearing glasses and a black sweater over a green T-shirt in front of wall mural, diagonal blue, gold, and red stripes visible here
Here I am as photographed by Martha Chiplis on my birthday in 2022 standing in the stairwell of the Colby College Museum of Art (a favorite small art museum of mine) in Waterville, Maine—in front of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #559, (1988, installed here in 2013). This is my current (April 2023) Facebook and LinkedIn profile photo.
Detail of cement or stone cast or maybe carved sculpture of man in prfoile wearing a rain or sailing hat, maybe a helmet, looking to the right and holding up and looking through a telescope or binoculars
This square icon avatar of a man, maybe a sailor, with binoculars or a telescope is from an architectural detail on the street-level faade of a building, possibly the Lefcourt Colonial Building, in Midtown Manhattan. This is my photograph from 2012. See a more vertical color version on my Flickr. I’ve been using this as the profile image on my Flickr account for a long time, and because to me it humorously depicts an old man in the act of observing through a lens, I extended it first to additional visual-oriented plaforms, my Vimeo and soon YouTube, and then also to Tumblr—and since the rise of Twitter to pretty much all my online platform presences, though I've been moving away from using it more recently.

Professional headshots

Close-up headshot illustration of John Dunlevy facing forward with his eyes looking off to the right—wearing glasses and a collar pocket shirt over a T-shirt, illustrated with black outlines and blue fill
Illustration by Amber Huff for the Chicago Reader. This was used in the “Meet the Reader” series spotlighting staff working at the company ahead of its 50th anniversary in 2021. (That web feature appears to have broken and is now missing a number of profiles. The Wayback Machine at has a snapshot from August 2021 of it intact.) This was my staff headshot illustration, and I used it as a profile picture on various social media. I’m now using it as the favicon and main meta image for pages about me on this site. Based at least in part on the photograph below.
Headshot photograph of John Dunlevy facing forward with his eyes looking off to the right—wearing glasses and a button down black and white plaid pocket shirt while standing in front of a pink background
Photograph by GlitterGuts (photographer Sarah Joyce) for the Chicago Reader. We did a staff photo day early in 2019 in front of this pink backdrop. Dorky, but I love this shirt and my side-eye of bemusement and mild discomfort at being in front of the camera. This was my staff headshot photograph, and I used it as a profile photo on various social media, including my LinkedIn.