HOW TO: Enjoy draft beer at home

As promised, here is a list of everything you need to enjoy draft (home)brew at home and a look at how it all goes together, courtesy of the Bell’s General Store.

1. Gas splitting options

  • At regulator: Y splitter and ball valves
  • Inline: 2,3,4 or more way air distributor

2. Bevlex options

  • 3/16” – beer or gas
  • 5/16” – Gas or beer – line over 12 feet

3. Pouring options

  • Picnic tap: Direct from keg
  • Faucet: Mounted through a flat surface

4. Keg options

  • Corny: Ball or pin lock
  • Sankey: American Standard or other

5. Beer line length: 6 foot minimum

Price for equipment (as shown): $281.96

Price for adding another corny: $113.63

Price for equipment compatible with Sankey keg: $261.18