On the fiftieth anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien’s death

Grave with flowers growing and placed on it with some other items. Inscription reads, below a simple cross, crux quadrata: “Edith Mary Tolkien Luthien 1889 - 1971 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Beren 1892 - 1973”

☩ Edith Mary Tolkien Luthien 1889 – 1971 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Beren 1892 – 1973 On my last visit to Oxford, England, in March of last year, I finally took the long walk out Banbury Road to Wolvercote Cemetery to see the final resting place of J.R.R. Tolkien, who died at age 81 on … Read more

Publish an ads.txt file with a placeholder line rather than leaving the file empty

Today I learned that web publishers not authorizing any advertising systems on their sites should publish ads.txt files that include a one-line placeholder record rather than leaving the file empty. The IAB Technology Laboratory (Tech Lab) ads.txt Specification, currently the final ads.txt Specification Version 1.1 (August 2022) specifies on page 8 (PDF): 3.2.1 Files without … Read more

Copywriting and web design inspirations

ABC Copywriting’s site, abccopywriting.com, really illustrates what differentiates “copywriting” from “writing” with examples, among them: Writing Multi-site networking and collaboration solution Copywriting Work together. Even when you’re apart. Galleries of web design inspiration The Landbook site (also styled “Land-book”), land-book.com, has seemingly endless galleries of web site (page) design inspiration and web component design inspiration. … Read more