Chicago Reader, my former colleagues, and I won the 2023 AAN Award for Special Section

The Association of Alternative Newsmedia (AAN) held its 2023 AAN Journalism Awards ceremony and announced first-place winners this past Friday, July 21, 2023, at The Rose Room in Dallas, Texas, during the 2023 TexAAN AAN Convention. The Chicago Reader, Seven Days (Vermont), and Willamette Week (Portland) led with four first-place wins each. I was especially … Read more

WHPK funding crisis

J.R. Nelson and Leor Galil in yesterday’s “Gossip Wolf” column: In April, the student-run Program Coordinating Council, which allocates student government money every year, gave WHPK $20,600 for its next annual budget—about 35 percent of its $57,490 request. … This year the council covered only operating costs, so WHPK needs help—it wants the university to … Read more

From the archives: A roundup of old “Did you read” blog posts

I’ve gone back and gathered links to old Chicago Reader “Did You Read __________?” blog posts that I contributed items to from 2012 to 2016. These posts were all “authored” by “Reader staff” with attibution to the individual contributors appearing in the body text next to their contributed items. So like some other things with … Read more

The People Issue 2022 – Chicago Reader

The People Issue 2022 – Chicago Reader There’s a lot of great writing here in this, the return of The People Issue to the Chicago Reader after a break since the 2016 People Issue. I did a lot of work on the online formatting and navigation for this one—with a lot of trial and error … Read more