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Three weeks’ worth of articles: Obituaries, artificial intelligence, damaging storms, the case for charging genocide in Gaza, the viral Chabad tunnel story and online antisemitism, and housing—social in Vienna and enshittified at Airbnb

Inhailer Radio: Listen to the Modern Rock 500

Inhailer Radio: Listen to the Modern Rock 500 Now playing: I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced in March. I’m reading her excellent book about 97X WOXY (chapter four is up next for me), and in her newsletter from last week, Robin James makes “the case that you should listen to … Read more

Video: Expected Highs “Lightning in Your Heart”

Can’t get enough of this, the first track released by Expected Highs.

Available to buy as a digital track and look for more to come next month on the Expected Highs Bandcamp page,

Expected Highs is the first solo outing from Victor Thompson, former lead singer and principal songwriter of The Flavor Channel. The Expected Highs sound builds on a similar foundation of big guitars, big hooks, 60’s organs, and groovy surf beats, adding layers of analog noise and some glam rock swagger to the mix.