We talk some more about the history of Section 8 and its dizzying array of sub-groups, who somehow manage to come together to get things done, despite what Marcin jokingly calls the “Balkanization” of the support. He speaks with pride, without boasting, of Section 8’s role at the forefront of the early TiFo displays to appear in MLS. We talk about his Polish roots and the passion for the game bred there – unlike Julio he doesn’t want to describe it as a religion, but does say wryly that maybe he and his friends are like “Buddhist monks chanting their mantras” – it led to culture clashes and misunderstandings in the early days of their appearance on the MLS scene, he says. Opposition security teams didn’t know what to make of their raucous presence and treated them as “the root of all evil.”

The original Section 8 Chicago chairman Marcin Tłustochowicz discusses the history of supporter culture in MLS. (via peel1909)