Photograph of Beauty Revealed watercolor painting on ivory, a portrait of a woman's vertically centered bare breasts surrounded by white flowing cloth, in an open hinged red box
Beauty Revealed, Sarah Goodridge, American, 1828. “According to descendants of the statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852), this miniature is a self-portrait Goodridge made for him.” Photo and caption details from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Whether Webster had any sexual involvement with [Goodridge] cannot be proved one way or the other,’ Webster’s biographer Robert Remini says cautiously, before adding: ‘although the fact that she sent him a self-portrait with her breasts exposed raises suspicions.’ ¶ But Beauty Revealed is not a ‘self-portrait with the [Goodridge’s] breasts exposed’; it’s a self-portrait exclusively of her breasts.”


Updated November 20, 2023: Added the photo of the painting in its box along with the photo caption.