Custom like and reblog buttons


I’ve been asked for a tutorial for like and reblog buttons many times, but I never saw the need to, as this stackoverflow answer does such a good job of explaining the most difficult parts. However, since it takes a bit of styling to make the buttons look the way they do in my themes, and I recently reached a follower goal, I decided to post the complete codes, ready to be copy and pasted into a theme. Enjoy!

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Now six-year-old CSS and HTML code to add “Reblog” and “Like” buttons as SVG icons to Tumblr custom themes that still works. Was about to add it to my theme, but was having some relatively minor issues with the “Like” button.

For now, I’ve added default “Reblog” and “Like” buttons per the “Like and Reblog buttons” section of Tumblr’s “How to create a custom HTML theme” documentation" (removing the CSS borders). instead