Some great stuff here from Oriol Salvador, the first in his series collecting his “thoughts after attending the 3-day Transformation Boost course at Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, in New York City” earlier this month. This is well worth a read, and this is what’s jumping out at me at least initially:

Social media is still a great (free) place to build your brand and find new audiences that discover you and then proactively seek out your content.
You might need to look at different metrics, conversions instead of click-throughs, and please (PLEASE!) ignore vanity metrics like followers or likes. Most likely, you need to re-evaluate your overall content strategy for social media channels, as well.
Short vertical video is here to stay…


The key to sustain a digital news venture in this platform-agnostic, ever-changing and challenging environment is to build your own audiences, not relying on third parties.
Focus on a responsive and engaging website and additional products, like newsletters or apps, where you own the data of your audience, so you can reach out to them more effectively.