This week’s reads

Links to and excerpts from articles about Search (AI and publishers, PR, entities, and brands), what “intifada” and “from the river to the sea” mean to Israelis and Palestinians and how they are understood (or not) elsewhere, on the terrible costs of allowing a Russian victory in Ukraine, and a bit more about the Forward.

Representative Chuy García responds to my concerns “about the recent Speaker election and the historic chaos caused by divisions in the Republican Conference”

“Along with the rest of my Democratic colleagues, I voted to remove Speaker McCarthy and in favor of Representative Hakeem Jeffries, to ensure that the House has a Speaker focused on the real issues facing our communities”

Kevin Baxter asked why MLS had embraced an unpopular first-round playoff format—and got me thinking

The short answer is about “content” for Apple TV, but the analysis is more about the problems with this year’s format. That got me thinking about the MLS Cup Playoffs format I’d like to see.