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Three weeks’ worth of articles: Obituaries, artificial intelligence, damaging storms, the case for charging genocide in Gaza, the viral Chabad tunnel story and online antisemitism, and housing—social in Vienna and enshittified at Airbnb

This week’s reads

Links to and excerpts from articles about Search (AI and publishers, PR, entities, and brands), what “intifada” and “from the river to the sea” mean to Israelis and Palestinians and how they are understood (or not) elsewhere, on the terrible costs of allowing a Russian victory in Ukraine, and a bit more about the Forward.

How to help in response to the Hamas invasion of Israel and the resulting war in Israel and Gaza

Events in Israel and Gaza since since early Saturday morning have been particularly shocking, appalling, and overwhelming. Hundreds of unarmed civilians have been killed, injured, and brutalized in this unprecedented escalation of hostilities, war, and terror. Supporting these organizations may help.