Colosseum, Meta Sudans, and the Arch of Constantine in Rome

Colosseum, Meta Sudans, and the Arch of Constantine in Rome, around the last decade of the 19th Century or turn of the 20th Century (“[The Colisuem (sic) and Meta Sudans, Rome, Italy]” Photograph. Detroit, Mich: Detroit Publishing Co., c1890-c1900. From Library of Congress: Photochrome Prints.​pictures/​resource/​ppmsc.06599/)

The Meta Sudans … was a large monumental conical fountain in ancient Rome.


The ruins of Meta Sudans survived until the 20th century. In 1936 Benito Mussolini had its remains wantonly demolished and paved over to make room for the new traffic circle around the Colosseum. A commemorative plaque was set in the road.

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Hesiod on the Muses and truth and lies

“Hesiod claims that he is inspired by the Muses, but, even if we believe his claim, he also tells us that the Muses themselves admit to ‘knowing how to speak many lies that resemble the truth,’ as well as the truth itself.” —Robert Parker, On Greek Religion (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2011), 13-14—citing the Theogany, … Read more