Whorfian Economics

Whorfian Economics Keith Chen on his paper, “The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Evidence from Savings Rates, Health Behaviors, and Retirement Assets”: In a nutshell: I find a strong correlation between how a language treats future-time reference (FTR), and the choices that speakers of those languages make when thinking about the future. Specifically, in … Read more

What Will Rise from Journalism’s Ashes?

What Will Rise from Journalism’s Ashes? futurejournalismproject: Over at theFJP.org we’re starting to do longer, “thinkier” pieces. Coming in with the first is Forrester media analyst James McQuivey who writes about what etymology and the concrete industry can teach us about the future of the news: To see [opportunities] clearly – to understand exactly what … Read more

Using Undictionaried Words

Using Undictionaried Words Erin McKean: One thing that shouldn’t stop you from using an undictionaried word: worrying about whether it’s “real” or (as Wordnik users like to say) “madeupical.” All words (aside from unintentional errors and malapropisms) are words at their birth. All you have to decide is whether the word in question is the … Read more