Looking north from what is now Michigan Ave and Pearson, 1871, Chicago. 

The photo was taken from the Water Tower, its shadow in the lower right corner of the shot.

The ruins in the foreground are from the Lill & Diversy Brewery, once the largest brewer in the city. And yes, though now spelled Diversey, the street was named for this prominent beer maker.

William Shakespeare, Sonnet 107 (1609 diplomatic text)

107 Not mine owne feares, nor the prophetick soule, Of the wide world dreaming on things to come, Can yet the lease of my true loue controule, Supposde as forfeite to a confin’d doome. The mortall Moone hath her eclipse indur’de, And the sad Augurs mock their owne presage, Incertenties now crowne them-selues assur’de, And … Read more